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David Lynch Put His Disease in Me or: Muriel Awards, Best Feature Film 1986

Nevermind the Oscars. The Muriel Awards are currently being unveiled daily until March 4.

The 25th Anniversary Muriel Award for Best Feature Film of 1986 goes to:

  1. Blue Velvet [243 points, 33 votes]
  2. The Fly [121 points, 20 votes]
  3. Hannah and Her Sisters [112/18]

Full results of voting here.

With such an overwhelming mandate, they could’ve probably asked any halfwit to write up a post about the winner. So, that’s what they did. Among my ramblings, you’ll notice the only detail I left out was what shoes I was wearing as I wrote it. (Trick question: I was barefoot, and I have a pegleg.)

My ballot:

1. Blue Velvet
2. Down by Law
3. Something Wild
4. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
5. The Fly


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