The definition of “contrived”

The voice you hear on this video is White Sox play-by-play man “Hawk” Harrelson, owner of the clunkiest, most scripted phrases in the game, showing y’all how it’s done. Granted, this footage includes some great Sox moments, including a perfect game, but you’ll get the idea. Mercy!!1!111!1!

In contrast, the following is culled from an interview with Cubs broadcaster Len Kasper on the Ivy Envy podcast, February 2014 (condensing and emphasis are mine):

Yeah, I don’t really know if I have [a “signature” home run call]….. I’ve never really studied it, and really thought that hard about it, because I don’t want it to be contrived. There are a lot of great home run calls around baseball that have developed over 20, 25, 30 years. But there are some others I hear, where a home run doesn’t really fit the call, especially on television…. where people can see the trajectory of the ball….

“I really fight, as hard as I possibly can, the idea of being predictable. It’s a game of routine. We’re on every single day. There are certain things that Cub fans are used to hearing from us, but….. when I can kinda predict what the broadcaster’s gonna say next, I start to tune out a little bit. And I don’t ever want to be that guy who has the same call for every play….

The one thing about a home run call is…. you can always go to it, even in a big moment. Usually it never fails you in that regard. But…. I don’t want every game-winning home run to sound the same. I want it to sound unique to that moment, and I feel like I’m giving that particular play its proper due if I simply react to it as naturally as I possibly can…..”

And yet, here’s evidence of the home run call failing Hawk horribly. If I followed the Sox, I’d watch every game with the sound off. HE GONE.


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