The Terminator


(James Cameron, 1984)


Currently #259 on TSPST Top 1000.

Well, James Cameron is nothing if not ambitious. On this, my first viewing – I know! Shock! Horror! – I was struck by this ambition, as well as the tense pace. Bad 80s fashion and music prevail, and it suffers a bit from multiple-ending syndrome, but overall, worthy of its status.

But, my God, the dialogue. Given Cameron’s tin ear, it’s no wonder Arnold’s monosyllabic utterings steal the show.


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  1. Seriously?! You’ve never seen FIGHT CLUB, THE MATRIX or SE7EN? As Keanu would say: “Whoa!”

  2. It’s true!
    And I’ve included a Keanu dedication to my very next review for the White Elephant movie.

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