Amazing Race drinking game

Keeping this handy for this latest season of The Amazing Race, as it may keep me sane. The teams on this season might otherwise kill me with their stupidity and worthlessness.

Partly cribbed from RingThis’ version:

One Drink

  • For each participant who — within the first 15 minutes of appearing on TAR  — proclaims their disbelief of appearing on TAR
  • When you see the following:
    • Opening credits
    • Exposition Hands demonstrating ripping open a clue
    • Amazing World Map with Amazing Lines showing flight paths
    • Phil in white pants
    • Team member fights with Taxi Driver
    • Team member fights with partner
    • Team member fights with other team

More after the jump…

  • When you hear/read the following:
    • “Baby” or “Babe”
    • “….may be eliminated”
    • “underestimate”
  • Team gets lost, or think they are lost
  • Team Member says they can’t do something or are too tired

Two Drinks

  • When you see the following:
    • Phil performing the eyebrow pop
    • Phil in a strange outfit
    • Obviously planted distractions at Detour (randomly placed musicians, dancing, parades, cannons, etc.)
    • Phil standing next to strange person at Pit Stop
    • Jerry Bruckheimer’s name in closing credits
  • A team switches from one task to another on a detour (AKA Bald-snarking)
  • When a team is shown running past a clue box
  • When a detour integrates animals (such as goats, sheep, pigs, camels, oxen)
  • Discussion of terrible living conditions in a certain locale
  • Team speaks to local in incorrect or invented foreign language
  • In interviews, discussions of improving/harming a team’s “relationship”

Three Drinks

  • A team describes a scenery as beautiful or amazing, despite terrible living conditions in a certain locale (AKA the oh-yeah-I’m-on-television effect)
  • Every team completes the same task on a detour
  • Team actually quits or gives up, prompting a Philimination away from the Amazing Yellow Bathmat
  • First mention of Fast Forward
  • First appearance of the Travelocity Gnome
  • Team starts to cry as they get kicked off
  • If it is a non-elimination pit stop


  • When you see the following:
    • Flo (Season 3)
    • Phil’s Dad

My drink of choice for Season 16: Pure 100% grain alcohol.


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  1. This I love. My only addition would be for the tired old realty competition show “I didn’t come here to make friends I came here to win” BS that at least one person spews on every reality competition show. Pretty sure it is a law.

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