Muriels: Best film of the decade

Image courtesy Craig Kennedy of Living in Cinema.

Our mascot, Muriel, is one picky filmgoer, and proves it again with the award for best film of the 2000s.

No, it’s not the Tarantino. It’s the mind-bending Lynch.

It’s always fun to look back at the year (and now the decade), and I am proud to participate with the awarding of the Muriels again this year.

Even though I’ve never met any of my fellow voters in person, I’m saddened about the loss of one of co-founder Paul Clark’s other guinea pigs. RIP Charlotte.

As always, read daily vote results from now until Best Film of 2009 is revealed on February 28 at Steve Carlson’s Tumblr.

Final tallies will be posted shortly thereafter at, where the last three years’ results are currently listed.


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  1. You mean the 2000s, not 90s, right?

  2. Dang. Of course. Thanks for the eagle eye.

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