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The Roman 10.

Thanks again to Stennie for inviting me to lose sleep for weeks while trying to complete her latest CD Mix Challenge, which apparently is — gasp — the final mix exchange she will ever run. It’s like a final encore, and true to its name, a challenge to be sure.

UPDATED: Full track listing below with occasional video links!

1. Song with the same title as #20:

Stop Your Crying – Bob Mould
Have seen him live a few times. When you do, you need to prepare to have your damned ears ring for days afterwards. Intense and loud, loud, loud.

RELATED: Mould performing two Husker Du songs, “I Apologize” and “Chartered Trips” – [video]

2. Song that could be a movie:

Sukie in the Graveyard – Belle and Sebastian – [video]
Sounds like a movie I would watch. A rebel girl leaves her home and can’t afford art school, so she starts nude modeling there instead, leaving enraptured young men in her wake. Um, wait, isn’t this the entire French New Wave set to music?

3. Song you would use to tell someone you love them:

Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing – The Magnetic Fields – [video]
Wanted to play this at our wedding, but the DJ was too busy with the Chicken Dance and playing Alien Ant Farm’s version of “Smooth Operator” twice. He sucked.

4. Kick-ass cover song:

I Wanna Be Your Dog – Uncle Tupelo (Iggy and the Stooges cover) – [video]
This track has been covered about as many times as “Yesterday”, but I enjoy Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar putting the “alt” in alt-country.

5. Title track:

The Age of the Understatement – The Last Shadow Puppets – [video]
If you put Ennio Morricone, James Bond and the British Invasion in a blender, this might be the result.

6. Parenthetical title:

Slipping (Into Something) – The Feelies
This song has been out of print for years now, and just recently got re-released on CD and iTunes. Moves from sparse to rave-up in 6 minutes, like many other Feelies songs do, building to crazy rhythms that set your foot-a-tappin.

RELATED: Feelies with Peter Buck covering the Velvet Underground’s “What Goes On”, a song that I could never fit in for Kickass Cover Song: – [video]

7. Instrumental:

Chicago Falcon – The Budos Band
Can’t remember how I stumbled upon The Budos Band, but THOSE HORNS, accompanied by that rhythm section. Inspired by Fela and 1970s Afrobeat. Infectious and just makes me smile all over. How I wish I were cool enough to consider this band the soundtrack of my life.

RELATED: Check out this Budos Band cover of Mulatu Astatke’s “Yekatit” – [video]

8. Holiday song:

Back Door Santa – Clarence Carter
The brass continues in this double-entendre holiday classic, which Run DMC sampled in their wonderful “Christmas in Hollis”. Carter’s most notorious hit, “Strokin'”, features no such subtlety, but is still tons of fun.

9. Alliteration:

Metal Mickey – Suede – [video]
See, in the early 90s, Suede was supposed to be the next big English band, just like all the other ones. I still like their debut album a bunch. Seems most of these bands have at least 10 good songs in them.

10. Spell it out:

Marrow – St. Vincent – [video]
St. Vincent (AKA Annie Clark) formerly of the Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens’ backing band, aims to be the next chanteuse of indie rock. Watch yr back, Neko Case, and call me if you need H-E-L-P.

11. Famous title:

The Lady Vanishes – White Rabbits – [video]
Wanna feel instantly old? These guys met in college at the University of Missouri in 2004. If you think that they sound like Spoon, it might be because they’re produced by Spoon frontman Britt Daniel. Anyway, the Hitchcock film isn’t the only cultural shout-out on the record. They also have an answer song to the Clash’s fantastic “Rudie Can’t Fail” entitled, somewhat predictably, “Rudie Fails”.

12. Song about food:

Cherries in the Snow – Elk City – [video]
Probably my least favorite song on the mix. But I was so stuck for an actual song about food. Seems that I’ve got a lot more music about other vices, such as drink, women and drugs.

13. Fashion Police:

Evening Gown – Alejandro Escovedo (Mick Jagger cover) – [video]
Having heard both versions, I prefer this one. Aging cowpunk Escovedo seems to really earn this song. Recorded for Chicago-based Bloodshot Records’ 5th anniversary compilation, which just recently celebrated 15 years and counting.

RELATED: Alejandro playing “Castanets” acoustic: [video]

14. Spoken word:

Retirement Speech – Brett Favre
Being a Packer fan in Bear country isn’t easy. This damn fool of a quarterback who can’t make up his mind, and subsequently pisses all over his legendary status — not to mention his fanbase — certainly doesn’t help matters. Still, tragedy + time + idiocy + overexposure = farce, and I find this more hysterical than sad these days.

15. Song with a one-word title:

Auditorium – American Princes – [video]
MAGNET magazine called their album best of 2008, if that means anything to you. It means something to me, mostly because I enjoy their short, sharp, punky pop. Overall, I don’t agree with the idea that love don’t mean nothin’, but I’m willing to listen.

16. Human Anatomy 101:

Eyes on the Prize – M. Ward
A sweet and lovely song, which is par for the course for Matt Ward. He’s proven to be a great collaborator, either as the male half of She & Him (w/ Zooey Deschanel), or through his work supporting such artists as Cat Power, Bright Eyes, Jenny Lewis and My Morning Jacket.

RELATED: The single “Chinese Translation” – [video]

17. Song about a family member:

Down by the Water – PJ Harvey – [stripped down video]
A companion piece to “The Rake’s Song” from Mix #9, featuring twisted imagery and children. I apologize, but damn it’s a great song, that is well produced and performed.

18. Song by a band or artist you normally can’t stand:

Solitary Man – Neil Diamond – [video]
Do I hate Neil Diamond? No. Was I utterly confused by my grandmother’s insistence — until the day she died — that he was the world’s greatest living musician? Yes. So, a concession: this is a good song. Just ask Chris Isaak.

19. Amnesty song:

Don’t Know Why (You’d Stay) – The Essex Green
Parenthetical, but it never quite fit before. Could’ve also paired this with the similarly titled and completely overexposed Norah Jones song, but no-one needed that. Yet I love the song, since it contains many of the elements of a great song for me: clocks in at three minutes with a singable chorus and a goddamn catchy beat.

20. Song with the same title as #1:

Stop Your Crying – Ted Hawkins
The story of Ted Hawkins is such a strange one. Virtually ignored in the States as a Venice Beach busker, he was discovered across the pond thanks to his raspy but soulful Sam Cooke-like voice. Frantically searched song titles in my catalog and discovered this little gem of a song, which simply switches Bob Mould’s angry tirade from track 1 into a lover’s tender urging since he “cannot stand tears”.

RELATED: Ted and Billy Bragg – “Cold and Bitter Tears” – [video]


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  1. Need more than teaser list, please please — full track listing requested! Enjoying your Mix.

  2. I havent’ gotten all the way through your excellent mix yet, but re: #14, as a wise man once said, “I used to be disgusted, but now I try to be amused…”

    Also: love St. Vincent.

    • Did you post yours yet? I think I missed it.

      • I put a quick/dirty version on Facebook, I think I tagged you in the note. Check my FB profile.

        I’ll probably do a blog version, too. Eventually.

        BTW: this mix is no longer ‘excellent’; it is now phenomen-awesom-iffic. Love the Ted Hawkins song.

  3. Aaargh! This is the second mix CD challenge I’ve missed! I got so far as to choose songs and even burn a CD for challenge #9 back in April or so, but never had a chance to write out a track description (hmm, gee; I wonder why I’ve had so little time this year?!). But craap! I LOVE these things and wish I could have participated fully. :-(

  4. hate to be a fault-finder, but it’s quite literally my job – it was Alien Ant Farm’s version of MJ’s “Smooth Criminal” and not of Sade’s “Smooth Operator” that was played MORE THAN ONCE at our reception. 8 years later and I’m still pissed about that.

  5. You are correct, of course. Although, have you heard AAF’s “Smooth Operator”?

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