Worst Best Pic nominees Ever?

Only the fact that I didn’t even bother to see THE READER prevents me from declaring this the lamest Best Picture lineup of all time. – Mike D’Angelo via Twitter.

Well, I have seen all the Best Pic nominees, and I’m having a hard time refuting that claim. My ratings below:


    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – 3.5/5.0
    Frost/Nixon – 2.5/5.0
    Milk – 3.5/5.0
    The Reader – 2.0/5.0
    Slumdog Millionaire 3.0/5.0

Decent ratings for MILK and BUTTON, but I wasn’t blown away by either.

Take a look at all the former Best Picture nominees and decide for yourself.

In my book, 1989 is the closest to matching it so far. It looks filled with Oscar cliches.


    *Driving Miss Daisy – old white lady, old black man, changing times
    Born on the Fourth of July – disabled man, anti-war
    Dead Poets’ Society – inspirational teacher, dead kid
    Field of Dreams – reuniting dead father and son, Americana
    My Left Foot – disabled, inspirational man

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