New Year’s, Schnew Year’s

So last year, these were my goals:

Job: Fix it.
10-20 lbs. Damn the holidays.
Change attitude / Be nicer.
See some good movies. Blog about them.
Network / Be more sociable.
Enjoy life.
Definitely skydive.

Grrr. Well, the skydiving thing happened.

I also started down the path towards a number of these goals, but I think I need to set up some more stiff rules if I’m going to be able to call myself successful. I think I’m going to adhere to one Golden Rule, and then set real tasks to accomplish.

Golden Rule: Stop talking about it. Do it.

  1. Apply for and begin MBA program. Can’t hurt.
  2. Read 10 books.
  3. Watch movies and blog about them. (I’ll be revising my Top 1000 Film goals shortly.)
  4. Back up computer data. Too much to lose.
  5. Sigh. 10-20 lbs again.
  6. Two-year goal: Whitewater raft by 2010.
  7. See the Cubs win the World Series.

That last one is probably out of my control, but gotta turn over a new leaf and be positive, right?


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