GObama, and don’t look back


Yeah, I’m very happy, not since Clinton’s election. What I like the most about the Presidential election results is that it feels like a generational shift in power. This ain’t our parents’ country any more, it’s ours.

I also liked what I heard on a podcast from Slate.com–a quote from Winston Churchill that seems incredibly resonant today:

The United States invariably does the right thing, after having exhausted every other alternative.

Ain’t it the truth? It took GWB and the McCain/Palin camp stumbling as badly as they did for an entire nation to see past our concerns of race, age, experience and liberalism to elect the best candidate for the job. I’m really proud of us, and wish to buy you all a beer.

But I hope this isn’t the pinnacle. We can screw up the country just as easily.

I’m really hoping our President-elect stays on course and accomplishes half of what he promised, remaining true to those that put him in power. I’m happy that race wars have subsided for the time being, but there’s so much more work to do across the aisle, and especially in foreign relations. Correcting the damage that the current administration has done in those areas may be too much to ask – but Obama has proven to be Superman so far.

These last few days have made me proud of America again. Please, please let’s keep it up.


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