Tell No One


AKA Ne le dis à personne

(Guillaume Canet, 2006)

Gripping French thriller in the tradition of a Hitchcock wrong-man story.

On initial viewing, it’s confusing as all get-out, even with the helpful subtitles. It’s definitely the intention of director Canet to keep the audience off-balance, and his star François Cluzet is the perfect vehicle for this tightrope act. His face is full of expression and wonderment without unnecessary dialogue, and his relentless search for the truth behind his wife’s death draws viewers in while still keeping them guessing. One of the highlights of the film is a fantastic chase sequence on and around the Parisian highway system, which is Bourne-like in scope and energy.

Unfortunately, it drags on a bit too long, and gets increasingly cerebral toward its climax, where all is revealed in one long scene filled with dialogue and flashback. It’s par for the thriller genre, but here strikes sort of a cinematic misstep, when the present action grinds to a halt, and really never ramps up again.

Seriously, catch it now before it almost surely gets remade into an American Nic Cage action movie.



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