101 Dalmations


(Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske, Wolfgang Reitherman, 1961)

A Disney pic I had never fully seen until now.

The dogs are cute, but Cruella de Vil is the whole picture. She drives the action, is the subject of the best song, and is easily the most delectable and memorable component. The rest of the human characters, especially the main couple, suffer from the disease of dullness. Which, come to think of it, the dogs sort of do too. I found it sort of slow and way too British.

But my son loves the puppies though, so okay… it gets 3.0/5.0. Now kindly get ready for bed, mister.


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  1. Kanine Krunchies!

    (This was the first movie I ever remember seeing in the theatre. Doggies, more doggies, and British people. It shaped who I am today.)

  2. Kanine Krunchies is definitely a highlight. I also luuurv Cruella – she’s a perfect kiddie villain. Mean, nasty and not terribly bright. To a kid, she also looks like your scary aunt might.

    Because I’ve seen it multiple times now, I’ve been noticing how many times the animators used the same loop of footage during chase scenes. Pongo and Perdita run exactly the same way at least 4 times in the picture. Then again, who wants to draw 99 puppies for 80 minutes?

    My first movie has got to be a Disney one too, but I have no idea which.

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