Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay


(Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, 2008)

I blame all those who made the first Harold and Kumar venture an unlikely success for this odd, unfunny sequel.

Since when did H&K, two intelligent minority stoners, leave behind the simple pleasures of White Castle to get political? The Guantanamo Bay angle is so out of place and badly presented that it really should have been left out of the final picture. Of course, we wouldn’t nearly have as great of a title, would we?

There are few chuckles to be had throughout. One is courtesy of a cameo by the fantastic Ed Helms (The Office, The Daily Show), and perhaps one more comes from Harold & Kumar’s go-to guy, Neil Patrick Harris, again parodying his cleancut, Doogie Howser image. It worked magically in the first film, but Harris has long outgrown his nice-guy incarnation, so it seems like treading water here. On the positive side, Harris takes a bullet in this picture, and may be left for dead, which would signal that even the beloved NPH wants out of this franchise, which has now been inked for its third go-around.

I didn’t care for the first picture, but it was harmlessly stupid, and didn’t dare attempt lame jokes about terrorism or controversial detention camps. Go back to White Castle, H&K. Or step up to Steak n Shake and Takhomasak.



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