(Neil Marshall, 2008)

Sorta silly throwback to 80s sci-fi action films. Director Marshall disappoints after his tense previous film, The Descent, while going for the gore.

The apocalyptic story is straightforward: There’s a virus and it’s wiping everyone out, and our anti-heroes must find a cure before it’s too late. However, Doomsday exhibits signs of a doomed production – a long-winded narration by Malcolm McDowell at the outset, a barely-there appearance by Bob Hoskins, and a confusing story that you’d better not spend too much time pondering, or else you’ll get swallowed up by the holes.

Marshall eventually ends up chucking out the plot — a good choice — and starts pouring on the action. The second half far exceeds the first, and features two good battle sequences, which finally start the heart pumping.

There are nods to several other films (The Road Warrior, George Romero’s Dead series, John Carpenter’s entire catalog), so if you’re a fan of those, perhaps you’ll enjoy this better than I did. Or perhaps you should just skip it and watch Escape from New York again.



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