In Bruges


(Martin McDonagh, 2008)

Like the city itself, this comedy is a hidden gem.

Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson portray hitmen forced to flee London when a job gets botched. While the heat blows over, they are sent, inexplicably, to Bruges, a gorgeous Belgian hamlet, seemingly frozen in medieval times. The two killers react conversely to the locale — Gleeson wallows in its beauty, while Farrell aches to leave “f*cking Bruges”. However, the lovely town proves to be no safe haven, when their bloodthirsty boss (the dependable Ralph Fiennes) pays a visit.

Writer/director Martin McDonagh’s razor-sharp script delivers throughout, providing a perfect vehicle for these murderous fish out of water. The interplay between the two leads is engaging and electric. Farrell has never been more watchable in a career-redefining role full of energy and dark humor.

Be warned, though: if you watch this, you too will want to visit f*cking Bruges.



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  1. My favorite movie of 2008 so far. Not saying much, as it hasn’t been a great year, but I was impressed. And Howard the Duck was terrific!

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