Fool’s Gold


(Andy Tennant, 2008)

Pictured above: By far, the best parts of Fool’s Gold. Cheesecake, meet Beefcake.

I’m not the only one who saw the irony of Fool’s Gold staring at them with its title, am I? To write a review of this film requires more effort than was put into crafting its script. I think I’ll be lazy and just leave my thoughts in the tags of this post, which seems amazingly appropriate for this film.

Trust me: Watch the trailer instead. It’s shorter, and you get the same results: special effects, stupidity and shirtlessness.



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  1. Please tell me you were a captive audience for this, like on a plane (well, you could have still jumped off).

  2. Sadly, no. I was on the ground, unencumbered, and perfectly capable of simply turning it off. Although I did find myself longing to do something more interesting and fun at several points. Like dusting, or refiling my taxes.

    I’m really trying to catch up on 2008 releases, and there’s so few currently on DVD. I was hoping for a light comedy; instead I got this.

  3. You’re lucky your eyes haven’t had Matthew McConaughey’s image permanently burned into them. That is just one side effect from watching his movies.

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