(2007, David Fincher)

To say that this movie owes a lot to 1976’s All the President’s Men is an understatement. From the visual aspects to the newsroom banter to the creepy scenes of intrigue, David Fincher owes Sidney Lumet a letter of gratitude. Don’t you miss the days of newspapers actually being relevant?

The focus of the story is on the quest for the elusive Zodiac killer instead of the actual killings, and it’s an endeavor that plays out like a riddle, drawing its participants in and taking over their lives. The film goes on too long – perhaps because the case is so intricate and remains unsolved – but it captures the haunting feeling that the Zodiac case has for those obsessed with it. Unfortunately, the film unravels near the end, since by nature, it’s leading down a series of blind alleys. The trifecta of lead actors, Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey, Jr are solid (if a tad too quirky), and director Fincher is admirably restrained.

I also need to download Donovan’s “Hurdy-Gurdy Man” after watching this film. Haven’t heard it since the Butthole Surfers’ cover in the early 90s.



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