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(2005, James Westby)

I gave this movie two stars for its guts in essentially mocking the shit out of its viewers. Who else would watch this?

The characterization of film-dweeb Scotty Pelk owes a lot to Napoleon Dynamite, a fact stated by just about everyone who’s seen this movie. Scotty’s an annoying über-geek, but lovable. The nice part is that he gives us film-loving hunchbacks hope: with absolutely no detectable social skills, Scotty wins the love of a hot alterna-chick. Maybe if I remember to bathe and not eat too many Cheetos during my David Cronenberg DVD marathon, I might similarly score at my local coffeehouse. Or maybe I’ll become a local celebrity thanks to my movie blog, and turn adoring pre-teen fans on to Antonioni or Hawks.

Can’t decide if I’m offended or amused by the whole thing.

This film has zero budget and it shows. But it’s a labor of love for cinephiles and there are parts of the characterization of Scotty that hit home. So, for those reasons, I deem to bestow this film with a rating of


Hmm. Now to write my article about how French New Wave films are totally awesome.


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  1. Have you seen the documentary Cinemaniacs? It had that similar feel of being marketed to the very people it was making fun of.

  2. I have seen that one, and I actually liked it better. They both succeed in giving movie-lovers a bad reputation.

    If you want to consider yourself a cinephile, you must be jobless, friendless and be completely inept at holding conversation about any other topic. Wow, sign me up.

    It’s like that movie Heavy Metal Parking Lot (have you seen it?) – where you recognize a bit of yourself in the middle of laughing at the truly obsessed.

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