(1985, Tobe Hooper)

When it comes to sci-fi horror movies featuring space vampires and oodles of nudity*, this has got to be somewhere in the Top 50.

I watched this too late for inclusion in Final Girl’s Film Club, but I found it worth watching, mostly for the special effects of the age. Oh, and then there’s all that nudity too. Both hold up amazingly well. Hee-hee, I’m seriously 12 years old. Please don’t tell my parents about this.

It’s the classic story of boy meets undead space girl, boy allows undead space girl access to lifeforce, boy loses now alive space girl, boy reunites with with space girl nudely (chortle, snicker), fate of mankind hangs in the balance. There’s also some speculations about the spread of disease (maybe early allusions to the outbreak of AIDS?) but mostly this is a monster movie through and through, i.e. the boogeyman must be killed before we are. It’s not great, but I’ve spent 112 minutes watching worse films.

Features some cool animatronic models of undead, lifeforce-less zombies. Also features Patrick Stewart (with some hair!), as well as an obvious P. Stewart dummy, in a minor role. One of them pours blood from the mouth. Guess which?

Lifeforce is also of note due its association with production company Cannon Films. I highly recommend this essay about the legacy of Cannon and its owners, Monahem Golem and Yoram Globas. They were two men with a dream, and they produced some wonderfully awful films that were almost always entertaining for their commitment to excess.

Note to self and others: Must see the next selection in the FGFC: The Car. Scroll down, that trailer is simply a work of art.


*”Oodles of nudity” is fun to say. Reminds me of Oodles of Noodles, the ramen purchase of choice during my formative years.

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