Find of the Day: Anna Karina, Anna, Karina, Kate and all of their sweaters

Warning: As if the title didn’t already tip you off, you’re headed into Meta-ville.

This is most likely only a “find” to me, probably, because I was so intrigued by Karina Longworth’s post back in February about locating a YouTube video of Anna Karina in the 1967 made-for-French-TV movie Anna, featuring music by Serge Gainsbourg.

Karina (Longworth, not Anna K.) also linked to a 2006 post about the movie on Filmbrain’s great blog called — wait for it — Like Anna Karina’s Sweater.

Ms. Longworth — too many Annas and Karinas already in this post — subsequently found the following video featuring the stunning Kate Beckinsale (rowr!) posing for a British glamour shoot in homage to Ms. Karina’s appearance in Anna.

…Um, I mean, in homage of Ms. Karina, the actress, not the film blogger. And Anna, the musical, not the film star.

Christ, I’m confused. Here, read what she has to say and then judge for yourself:

Though Beckinsale actually copies a few poses directly from the original scene, her interpretation couldn’t be more different in tone. It’s all Bardot hair, thick eyeliner and studied hyper-sexiness, with barely a nod to Karina’s goofy-geeky abandon. Not be one of those assholes who’s all, “old is better than new!” but, um…old is better than new!

I don’t know, Karina L. — not to be one of those assholes, but can we call it a draw?


  • As you may or may not know, one of this site’s most popular posts of all time is Kate Beckinsale-related. As it turns out, the news in that post — Beckinsale getting picked to star in a remake of Barbarella — is totally incorrect. (I should really stick to watching movies and making lame jokes about them.)
  • As a matter of fact, I’ve even done a past Find of the Day post about Karina, the actress-not-the-blogger.

So, by my count, it’s:

“Anna”: 7

“Kate”: 2

“Karina”: 10

“Barbarella”: 1

“Serge Gainsbourg”: 1

“Bardot”: 1

“assholes”, not include Serge Gainsbourg: 2

Sadly sexual tiger sounds: 1

Original content, rather than links and content from other sources: minimal.

Perfect! Happy weekend!


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