Inland Empire


(2006, David Lynch)

You know what? I love David Lynch, and I thought this was 3 hours of tripe.

What, you liked Mulholland Dr. and thought you might give the King of Weird another go? Well, other than star/producer Laura Dern’s unfailing commitment, there’s really nothing to grab onto here. It’s like a freefall into Lynch’s psyche with no safety chute. And I lost interest well before it finally reached its mind-numbing conclusion.

Some good moments get completely wasted in this ego-driven mess. And Dern is left to dangle cruelly on her own.



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  1. You know, I consider myself a Lynch fan and yet I still haven’t bothered to watch this. Maybe it was the nearly 3 hour running time. Maybe it was the mixed reviews.

    Guess that makes me a faux cinephile or something.

    Maybe one day I’ll force myself to sit down and watch it…but probably not.

  2. I’ve seen most of his theatrical releases- all except Elephant Man and Dune – and nearly all of Twin Peaks. I even enjoyed his short-lived comedy series On The Air (worth a watch, just to see how he actually takes on comedy!).

    Here’s how much of a fan I am/was: I think Lost Highway is a good movie.

    I don’t know – maybe I’ve outgrown him. Or maybe this isn’t a film, and rather an experiment. Whatever it is, it doesn’t appear that Lynch made this movie for anyone to decipher. It’s angry filmmaking, and it appears he’s not just angry with the Hollywood studios he’s had to fight with for years. He might be taking out his vitriol on us as well.

    Well, forgive me for not wanting to be a victim.

    The film gets totally incomprehensible once reality and fiction start to blur. It’s sort of a postmodern Alice Through the Looking Glass, but with no structure after Alice goes to the other side. And the three-hour running time is definitely daunting, especially the final 30 minutes which are ENDLESS. But it becomes a marathon when you’ve invested the time, doesn’t it? Gotta try to finish.

    Oddly, the reviews I’ve seen are summarily positive, which make it seem that Lynch has now not only become critic-proof but that critics might be afraid to critique what they don’t understand.

    Maybe we can create a faux cinephile club. I finally watched freaking Casablanca this year….

  3. Maybe we can create a faux cinephile club.

    Ha. I have literally hundreds of so-called classics sitting around my apartment on DVD and yet, yesterday night Julia and I sat down and watched Fool’s Gold.

    I’m not proud of that, necessarily, but sometimes you just don’t want to be challenged.

    Maybe I need to start working on the Top 1000 Films list, too. It’s an idea. Right after I decide once and for all where my website is going to be located.

  4. There’s nothing wrong with watching Fool’s Gold. My wife and I — even though we watch fewer movies as a couple — have seen our share of mainstream flicks.

    Maybe I need to start working on the Top 1000 Films list, too.

    If it’s something you want to do, go for it. I’m only forcing myself because I’ve realized it’s about the only way I’m going to watch them.

    Mostly, I’m doing it because I want to. And someday I’ll get a fucking award for it, right?

    See, I’m concerned that I’m spoiling myself by watching all the movies at the top of the list. That’s why I’m trying to mix in some mainstream movies throughout.

    I’m not interested in being the guy that knows jack shit about Iron Man but can give you all sorts of useless trivia about Pasolini, for example. I’m just trying to be a little well-rounded is all.

    I don’t know, ask me in a month whether I think it’s worth it, when it’s 90 degrees out and I’m trying to struggle through Shoah in my basement.

  5. Oh yeah, and when you settle in to your new site/blog/twitter/other social networking site yet to be conceived, make sure to let me know where you’ve landed.

    You sure do seem to get around. I still haven’t found the perfect place, but this’ll do for now. I can’t keep up with Twitter, it’s just too fast.

    Fuck, I’m old.

  6. I’ve jumped around far too much in the past seven years. Hell, I’ve jumped around far too much in the past seven weeks. I blame it on my OCD. But, speaking of being old, I’m about to turn 40, so it’s about time for me to settle in somewhere and stick around for a while.

    As for mainstream movies, I watch too many of them because 1) they’re basically free for me, 2) too often, after 9 hours of hard shit work at the vet clinic, I am not in the mood for subtitles and 3) Julia does not like movie made before the late sixties.

    I think I will start working on the They Shoot Pictures list, though. Maybe one a weekend. See how that goes.

    But, that’s just a di

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