Aching for a Sunset on the discussion


I’m so glad I recently saw Sunrise, because now I can follow what all the arguing is about.

I just don’t think it’s that big of a deal. What’s that overly obtuse joke about cowboy hats and opinions?

Apparently this is some extension of the beast of film criticism feeding on itself. Online film bloggers are under attack for credibility, so in response they return an attack on old-media types which could also be labeled with questionable credibility.

Whew. What a steaming pile of Who Cares.

Is it all about who gets paid for their opinion? Perhaps. Is it all about film critics losing their jobs left and right? Absolutely. Is anyone really surprised that — in an age of information overload — paid positions for critical views on film are falling by the wayside?

The future of film criticism remains to be established. But I’m sure of one thing: the cream shall rise to the top as it always does. Those with questionable opinions without resources to support them shall be ignored by the populace that matters. Those whining about the method in which opinions are delivered will be exposed for what they are – luddites and technophobes.

I appreciate good film discussion wherever I can find it. It is a shame that some deserving critics out there are suddenly out of a job, but that doesn’t mean that their opinion dissolves. But the signs of turnover are everywhere, and media everywhere is experiencing it: the role of the Expert is being redefined. Also, print media is dying a slow, painful death and there’s not as much need or desire for it – especially in something as frivolous and narrow-scoped as that of film commentary.

And who is to blame? I can’t think of any one person or entity that can claim responsibility. It seems a part of natural evolution. Change is necessary sometimes, and what matters is that one takes change in stride, instead of taking potshots at those you consider out-of-touch or unworthy.

Just step back from your battle stations and realize that film discussion at its most pure is amongst a small group of interested parties, whether in a classroom or a coffee shop. It’s totally objective, and should never be treated as seriously as all this.

Free your minds, people, and your asses will follow.

(What does that even mean? God, I’m such a fucking hippie.)


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  1. “Peggy Sue Got Married” is a weepie? If I were to get into this O’Neil-bashing thing, I have to think that’s where I would start.

  2. Also, Patrick: You are cordially invited to join in on CD Mix 7, recently announced over at my blog:

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