Find of the Day: Roller Boogie (1979)

Holy shit, it’s Roller Boogie. Eff Olivia Newton John and Xanadu, THIS is the roller skating movie you must see. Well, maybe just watch the beginning.

In the early days of pay cable — 1982 to be exact — I was an impressionable boy. And thanks to this movie, played with a relentless regularity on HBO, to this day, I think this is a valid depiction of life in L.A.

Items of note in this opening 5-minute montage:

  • Up close and personal roller-skate porn
  • The spinning title card
  • Short shorts – gotta love the 70s
  • A fantastic portable radio
  • A nice yellow sun visor
  • A Cher sound-alike singing something called “Hell on Wheels” – or is it really Cher?
  • A couple dry humping on what looks to be a dumpster without removing their roller skates
  • Irwin Yablans’ credit appearing at least 6 times. Must have been a pet project.
  • NO APPEARANCE by the movie’s star, Linda Blair. This movie was likely an effort to show her range and to distance herself from The Exorcist. It is a shame the Devil can’t skate. Sad but true: the first time I saw Exorcist, I thought, “Hey, isn’t that the girl from Roller Boogie?”
  • A stunt by “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”
  • …followed by a doofus on skates. Hey, that guy’s crazy!

A great intro. This is either the shittiest movie you’re ever going to see, or the best one.



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  1. And, of course, 8 years later there was Solarbabies.

  2. Fantastic link! I’ve never seen it, but that clip is top-notch. You’d think there would be nothing more to learn from making more roller skating-themed movies by now.

    I’m sure by 2010 I’ll be proved wrong yet again.

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