Comics and Catholics

Typical me, typical me
Typical me
I started something
…and now I’m not too sure

– “I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish”, The Smiths

Hey, I wrote a comic strip. So that’s another thing Charles Schulz and I have in common. (No, we have only this in common.)

It’s a little Red Meat-y, but with a movie theme. Click here to see it.

Can’t host the comic here, because the original artists have not provided consent for their characters to be used outside of Greedy bastards, all.

I blatantly stole this idea from Larry at Welcome to L.A. (Shit, I even used the same comic generator. Me: lazy.) He runs a great film blog, which recently featured a month-long trip through the film work of that overlooked auteur, Burt “Bad Ass” Reynolds. However, it appears that Larry has cleaned out the archives, which is a real shame, because to his credit, the whole endeavor was taken seriously and provided thoughtful commentary on a mega-star whose acting chops at times get forgotten. He’s got a couple of strips up at stripcreator as well featuring twin Tyler Durdens. Check ’em out.

As to the Catholic portion of this post, in case you hadn’t heard – The Pope Is In the Building. He’s visiting the U.S. and answering the hard questions. Which is nice. Because for years, the Vatican has been amazingly silent over issues of the sexual activity of priests. So, maybe it’s a step in the right direction, but take a look at that headline from the AP:

Pope says clergy abuse scandal sometimes ‘badly handled’

It’s one of those headlines that makes you smack your forehead and say “Really, your Holiness, you think? Jeez, I’m always the last to know.”


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