RIP Moses, Gun Nut


Thanks, I’ll be taking that gun now.

Can’t take credit for the above – it’s my wife’s joke. (Thanks, honey.) Chuckles up there is a local boy (Evanston), and only really acknowledged it when Northwestern Univ made it to the Rose Bowl several years back. Still, all the local fishwraps are dropping gushing tributes in their Sunday editions.

One of the lasting images that I’ll have is Charlie getting Roger Smithed by Michael Moore in his own house in Bowling for Columbine. That particular scene is where Moore really started to go off the rails toward self-parody, attacking an old man suffering from Alzheimer’s. Granted, he was really a staunch Republican, and a wacko gun advocate with a lack of sensitivity to the Denver community during their time of grieving. But when attacked, Heston somehow came off as Moore’s victim. That just goes to prove what an actor he was. Or how badly Moore conducted that particular interview.

And don’t forget, if you needed someone to over-deliver a line, about damn dirty apes or Soylent Green, etc., Heston was your man. This is a guy who never worried about what others thought of him. When I think of the definition of the macho American movie star, two names come to mind – John Wayne and Charlton Heston.

So, it’s sad that he’s dead to some degree. On the other hand, thank God there’s one less pistol-packin’ GOP member in this country.

P.S. What IS the deal with the new WordPress Admin pages? Good grief, this is gonna take a while to figure out.


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  1. I can’t stand WP 2.5 dashboard.

    It sucks.

    I’m sure you’ll have more patience with it than I did, though.

  2. I think I made the abrupt switch to “Michael Moore is sorta cool and funny, though perhaps a bit too amused by himself” to “Michael Moore is a complete and utter prick” when he included that pathetic final scene with a sick old man in Bowling for Columbine. Talk about the opposite reaction of what he’s going for — he only served to make a bunch of liberals (including me!) feel sorry for Heston.

    My favorite Heston moment is actually not Heston at all, but Phil Hartman parodying him: “Soylent Green is peeeeeeople!! It’s PEEEEEEOPLE!!!”

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