Superbad (Unrated version)



(2007, Greg Mottola)

Uh-oh. So continues The Team Apatow backlash.

While not directed by The Judd himself, this film follows the Apatow formula. It’s a crude sex comedy which aims higher. Which I guess means, the script is thrown out and performers opt for improvised dick jokes. Then the filmmakers try to add heart by wrapping it up with an homage to friendship.

It could work if someone would just tell these guys to lose a few of the endless rants. Or pay an editor. Or get a real writer to lose some of the dead patches. Or maybe give the audience one good scene that gets all gushy about friendship, not seven mediocre ones.

I’m in favor of improvisation, but much of comedy is about timing, which any of the above suggestions could fix. The inherent slacker aura surrounding the whole endeavor makes it appear like a good concept that the whole cast is unsure how to execute.



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  1. Good call. Finally someone who agrees with me on this one. Like your tags, too.

  2. Thanks. Sometimes I think I put more work into tags than my reviews.

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