Black Book



(2007, Paul Verhoeven)

Yes, Carice van Houten was a worthy winner of the Muriel Award for Best Actress. But at the risk of sounding like several other critics, she’s far too good for the material. Black Book is a standard-issue B-movie from start to finish, replete with silly dialogue and overblown situations as well as the typical Verhoeven cheesecake. Because it’s set in WWII doesn’t make the film any less exploitative or unrealistic. The grittiest (and most gratuitous) this movie gets is when the main character gets literally doused in human waste. Classy film, eh? A testament to her skill, van Houten saves this movie from becoming a Third Reich Showgirls.



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  1. Speaking of the Muriels, are you interested in being a voter?

  2. Wow. That’d be wonderful. To whom do I send the bribe?

    More seriously, what’s involved with “applying” if there is such a process?

  3. Carice van Houten was suppose to be in the film “Body of Lies” playing Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife “Gretchen” but people who went to see the pre-screening of the movie said that she was no where in the movie. Only mentioned by the main character once. The next thing that had happened was whenever the MPAA ratings came out for Body of Lies and I figured that since her character was suppose to be a sex-obsessed wife that the MPAA ratings would say something like “Sexual content/Nudity” or something like that, but it didn’t and Carice had mentioned in a interview that she did have to French kiss Mr.DiCaprio and do a graphic love scene with him. Finally, whenever the movie trailer came out and the credits were shown at the end, her name was nowhere to be seen. Because of all of this. It has made several of her fans very upset that they will not get to see her in this movie. So for her fans I have made a petition for them to sign saying that we want her back in the movie. Its not too late for them to add her scenes back in, So please sign this petition for her. Thanks

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