Life of Brian



(1979, Terry Jones) 

The perfect Easter movie for heretics.

What’s totally lost on the modern viewer is how outrageous this film was upon initial release. It was attacked by religious groups as blasphemous, banned in several countries and some American states, and there were protestors at many showings. Think about it: Can you imagine seeing the crucifixion sing-along with your token religious leader?

For those reasons alone, this remains my favorite Python movie. Like all things Python, it still suffers from a lack of consistent belly-laughs. Some favorites: The sermon on the mount (“Speak up!”), Brian speaking to the masses (“You’re all individuals.”), and the discussion of the People’s Front of Judea (“Splitters!”).



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  1. Yay, I watched this on Easter morning too! I will save you a seat in hell.

    My favorite bit will now and forever be Stan wanting to be known as Loretta so he can have babies. “But… you can’t have babies!” “Don’t you oppress me!” “I’m not oppressing you, Stan, you haven’t got a womb! Where’s the fetus gonna gestate, you’re gonna keep it in a box?”

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