United 93



(2006, Paul Greengrass)

Greengrass, a leader in the Shaky-Camera Brigade, delivers this homage to the victims and heroes surrounding the flights of September 11th, 2001. The film’s a study in humanity and its uncommon ability to take action when threatened. A bit grandiose, but always delivered with a steady documentary feel. The goods are delivered through simple storytelling and compelling camerawork.

As proven throughout his career, Greengrass continues to be one of the most important filmmakers of his time. How’s that for hyperbole?



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  1. This movie was amazing. I had to turn it off several times, though, and take breaks. First one was the shot of the airplane doors being closed for take-off — I suddenly felt like I was suffocating. Very few films have affected me like this one.

    Greengrass made an excellent decision to cast unknowns (and actual participants, in some cases). It really felt like you could be watching it happen to the person next door, instead of some heroic Hollywood figure.

  2. I agree with Stennie. This was my favorite movie of 2006. Riveting, very realistic stuff.

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