Michael Clayton



(2007, Tony Gilroy)

Engaging throwback to socio-political thrillers from the 60s and 70s. Is George Clooney the next Redford? Tilda Swinton somehow won Best Supporting Actress for a pretty non-showy role. Certainly the surprise of that particular dog-and-pony show, which also featured a lovefest for Scott Black‘s favorite screen-scribe.



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  1. I agree on the 4/5 rating.

    I do not think Swinton deserved to win Best S. Actress – it should have gone to Blanchett.

    George Clooney was good in his role, but I was a little disappointed, I expected more from the film overall. It was still a taut legal thriller I would recommend.

  2. I haven’t decided if Swinton is undeserving – just seems unusual for the Academy to skip the showy role.

    That said, Blanchett made an amazing transformation into Dylan. She can do no wrong – except agreeing to a sequel for Elizabeth.

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