(2007, Mikael Håfström)

This is the type of movie John Cusack must now make in order to finance pet projects like Grace Is Gone. Fine, just don’t expect me to like it.

That said, sort of a one-of-a-kind type of film, a potential tour-de-force for an actor in a locked room. And it isn’t so much that Cusack bungles it — rather, director Håfström and the source material by Stephen King don’t give him enough to work with.

Minor spoiler below the jump…

It’s a ghost story that falls apart right after the first act. It’s funny how the script actually even acknowledges this. With a tense musical buildup, and a CGI shot from inside the lock of a key entering it, our protagonist enters the so-called “evil fucking room”, peers around and declares “This is it?”

And thus endeth my pithy commentary.



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  1. …but you have to admit that the scene with S.L. Jackson in the fridge was hilarious.

  2. I would not watch this for the world. No ways. I would love to see G. is Gone though

  3. Nick – I’d heard some good things about the movie, and I generally trust John Cusack to pick decent roles, so I gave it a chance.

    However, he’s recently lost me on Identity, The Ice Harvest, America’s Sweethearts (double ugh) and now this one. I haven’t seen Serendepity, but since it co-stars the lovely Ms. Beckinsale — for whom apparently I’ll sit thru complete dreck — I don’t know what I’m waiting for.

    This film’s not terrible, just not what it could be.

    Scott – is it a bad thing that I’m having a hard time recalling the S.L. Jackson/fridge scene? I remember it happened, but not why it’s memorable.

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