(1942, Michael Curtiz)

Keep moving. Nothing to see here, folks.

Just embarrassed beyond belief that I hadn’t seen this outright classic before now.



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  1. Wow, five stars on the first viewing! It took me years to appreciate Casablanca. Favorite scene?

  2. Perhaps that’s one good thing about catching this movie as late as I did; I’m able to appreciate it. Truth be told: I was in my mid-20’s before I watched It’s a Wonderful Life from start to finish too. Never wanted to watch it, but it’s grown on me.

    Fave scene: Christ, anything with Claude Rains. I’ve always loved his “Shocked! Shocked!” delivery, which has been cribbed several times over.

    I knew of the line “Round up the usual suspects”, but never realized how great it was until I saw it in context. From what I’ve read, the scriptwriters had really painted themselves in a corner heading toward the final scene, and coming up with this particular line saved them by having Renault create an instant allegiance with Rick.

  3. I am 16, and I won Casablanca on DVD the other day. I have not watched it yet, but I cannot wait. I do love classics, and judging from your rating, it is one of the very best.

  4. I was pretty bowled over by the first 40 minutes or so. And the ending is really, really satisfying.

    Sounds like a good prize! Congrats.

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