Essential tool for TCM viewers

I’ve been using clydefro’s TCM Ten list the last few weeks to find golden nuggets of cinema, many of which are rare to find on DVD or have yet to receive a R1 DVD release. The list is updated weekly — but sadly without its own feed — and full of interesting near-misses or lesser known films by major talents.

Thanks to clydefro, I’ve been able to DVR the following:

  • Thou Shalt Not: Sex, Sin and Censorship in Pre-Code Hollywood – a new doc about the origins and ramifications set in place by the Hays Code, which morphed into the MPAA rating system that still exists in the U.S.
  • Babbitt – William Keighley’s attempt at adapting the classic novel by Sinclair Lewis.
  • Skidoo – Otto Preminger’s notorious bomb about LSD featuring an impressive cast including Groucho Marx as God. I couldn’t make it 15 minutes into the flick before I deleted it. In hindsight, I should’ve stuck it out for the sadly square Jackie Gleason freak-out trip.
  • Killer of Sheep – Charles Burnett’s 1977 student film that found an audience when re-release in 2007.
  • Nothing Sacred – A Wellman screwball comedy featuring Carole Lombard as a small-town girl who cons newspaper man Frederic March into believing that she’s living out her dying wish by living it up in New York. Famous for a fight scene between the two stars.
  • On Dangerous Ground – A Nicholas Ray film noir starring Robert Ryan that I absolutely loved.
  • The Wild Child/L’enfant sauvage – Truffaut’s story about a child raised in the wild. Hence the title.
  • Kes – a British import about a working-class boy befriending a kestrel.
  • The Crowd – King Vidor’s silent classic about the struggle for love to survive in the big city.
  • Desperate – An tough-nosed Anthony Mann noir with a young Raymond Burr in a supporting role.

I still have yet to watch Kes and Babbitt, but clydefro – I thank you and my DVR thanks you. But, please, could you supply a separate feed for the TCM Ten? Or at least indicate when a new list shows up on your regular blog feed? I can never remember on my own to check.


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  1. UPDATE: clydefro has added the TCM Ten back to his main feed. Yippee! Thank you sir.

  2. Thanks 4 the tips on TCM — appreciate this vital information. ;)

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