Broken Blossoms



(1919, D.W. Griffith)

Just under the wire of my Leap Day deadline, I finished my latest Top 1000 Films assignment.

I think I prefer silent comedies to silent dramas in general, although I loved The Passion of Joan of Arc. Something about the level of pathos mixed with long stretches of simply accompaniment permits my ADD-addled brain to wander.

I never felt truly invested in this story, especially in the later 20 minutes. Although I was touched by the tale of compassion winning over brutality set in London’s Limehouse district, I can’t say I was swept away. Even Lillian Gish’s powerful portrayal of a battered waif couldn’t keep me from wondering if there were any cookies in the house. And wasn’t there a Smashing Pumpkins album named Gish too?

One for the historians and the more attention-proficient among us.



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