(2007, Brad Bird)

I’m waaaay behind on reviewing, as well as viewing movies. Chalk it up to Life In General not allowing it to happen.

The good news? I’m finally catching up with some of the 2007 releases on my new 46″ Samsung LCD TV. Which is wonderful even if I now can’t afford to eat for several weeks after its purchase. Since NCAA tournament time and baseball season are revving up just in time, I guess I’ll survive that way.

So, the Rat Movie won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. OK. But it was also nominated for Best Original Screenplay. Hold on there, bucko.

This movie was so visually arresting that I think voters got blinded to some obvious problems with the script. Remy the rat, the main character of the film, is hidden from view and/or silent for large sections of the movie, and the thread about a filthy rat aspiring to be a great chef gets lost among all the chaos of the subplots. It’s a complex story that I think gets rather muddled, and comes off rather tame.

However, the film looked great as Brad Bird movies tend to. And, the Muriel Awards voters got it right, it contains one of the best cinematic moments of the year.



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