The King of Kong



(2007, Seth Gordon)

The entire “cast” of this doc is stuck in 1984. Which in more than one way reminded me of this movie, minus the panty raid sequence.

The good thing about this film is that its makers never treat their subjects like nerds, and allow them to be passionate about their accomplishments. And gamers everywhere will root for Steve Wiebe in his attempt to take the Donkey Kong high-score record. Whatever the category of film that docs like Spellbound, Word Wars, Wordplay, Cinemania fall into – the feel-good, geeks-in-their-natural-habitat movie – this film is perfectly fit for that audience. Which means I really need to recommend it, because everyone loves an underdog.

There’s nothing really revolutionary about this pic though, except that Kong champ Billy Mitchell must be seen to be believed. Also, some great unintentional humor going on in this flick – which all audiences should appreciate.



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  1. Yes, we totally agree on this one! Not sure why so many people think it’s the greatest documentary since Paradise Lost.

  2. I think fans of docs (as well as casual viewers) love it because it has amazing crossover appeal, and these guys are unintentionally hilarious.

    Again, any movie that resembles the ROCKY/ON THE WATERFRONT/numerous other movies structure is bound to find an audience that adores it. This time, it’s the geeks.

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