(2007, Adrienne Shelly)

You can’t help thinking of the sad tale of the murder of director Adrienne Shelly as you watch this feminist comedy unfold. Her film exhibits a knack for larger truths being explored through tender naivete, not unlike her acting roles in early Hal Hartley films.

It’s sweet, but not overly so, especially when it comes to unwanted pregnancy. And while I’m sure there’s some witty connection to make about the film’s and main character’s resemblance to a pie, I’ll quit before I stretch the metaphor too far.

I will say, though, this film has the most pies I’ve seen on celluloid since Twin Peaks was cancelled. I think I gained 10 lbs. just watching it.


UPDATE: I just realized I’ve now completed the trifecta of 2007 mainstream unplanned pregnancy movies – Knocked Up, Juno and Waitress. Do I now receive some sort of badge, stating “Warning: Ovum-Positive Male”? Perhaps a golden fetus?


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