TAR 12 – Episode 11 – Move on down the road


The Amazing Race finals bring such sadness. Mostly because I had to watch them the same night that my Green Bay Packers totally blew their chances to reach another Super Bowl. I was really hoping that Brett Favre could’ve reached the Big One one last time and then ridden off into the sunset. However, I fear we’re in for another offseason of the Favre Retirement Tango. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t, and everyone hangs in the balance.

Though saddened, I will survive. What helps is recapping the final episode while I watch the best-looking Australian Open women’s final ever. Sometimes, when life gives you lemons, you find golden nuggets inside.

P.S. Yes, I know it’s juvenile and has nothing to do with the Amazing Race. Now to remedy that…

Order of finish:

Rachel & TK – Really, their win boiled down to Rachel being able to complete the final task first. Seriously, that final Roadblock was a killer, which you’ll never convince me Nick finished. Bruckheimer, it’s TAR, not a Mensa application — make these people throw themselves into volcanoes, but don’t ask them to think! But back to TK & Rachel, they never truly offended me, and I would’ve been happy with any of the three teams here winning anyway, so congrats Granolas!

Ronald & Christina – So, yeah. You guys kind of won me over after I had repeatedly left you for dead. Sorry about that. However, you didn’t quite seal the deal, now did you? 2nd place has got to be the worst. You don’t get the sympathy claps the slacker 3rd place team gets, and you don’t get the money. Yet you run every single step of the race, only to watch someone else’s dreams come true. Shoulda been you, Nate & Jenn, if only for one more rousing week of collective deriding laughter and cruel applause.

Nicolas & Donald – What can’t Don do? According to Nick, the final task, for some reason. I think a big part of this race is self-realization, where you understand what one team member can do better than another. Because Nick didn’t realize this, I honestly think they might a bad choice. Nick got waaaaay too flustered under pressure, and it cost them dearly. Still, this team surprised me like no other, and just to be in the final leg completely earned them props from me and the other teams. (Note: Most importantly, me.)

Final standings:

  1. Rachel & TK
  2. Ron & Christina
  3. Nick & Don
  4. Nate & Jen
  5. Kent & Vixen
  6. Azaria & Hendekea
  7. Shana & Jennifer
  8. Lorena & Jason
  9. Marianna & Julia
  10. Kate & Pat
  11. Ari & Staella

The wonderful thing about the writers strike is that another season of The Amazing Race can’t be too far off. I’ve had fun recapping this season, and can’t wait for TAR 13.

Thanks for the memories, Phil, gay ministers, old blondes, young brunettes, Bickersons, Team Fulks, weirdly close siblings, overbearing father and hippies. And you, Goths — particularly Vixen — I think I’ll miss you most of all.

Alas, there is no place like home, and we’ve got an Oscar ceremony press conference to watch. What a world, what a world.

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  1. I still can’t figure out how TK and Rachel continually managed to get through customs, when clearly they were carrying a ton of weed around with them.

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