My Sundance – Report 2


Since I’m sitting home, instead of chilling in Park City with Tom Hanks, I’m utilizing legal technology to experience the Sundance Film Festival via the shorts available through Netflix Instant Viewing and the Sundance Festival site.

Sundance Shorts 2008: Animation

  • Gas Suckers (Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung) ~ A polar bear fights his way, 80’s video game style, through level after level, righting environmental wrongs. Sorta silly, and I don’t understand its inclusion, since I’ve seen better animation from students.
  • I Have Seen the Future (Cam Christiansen) ~ 21st century animation around an indie-pop song. I like the tennis stuff.
  • FCU: Fact Checkers Unit (Dan Beers) ~ I actually seen this before online. And it just has that feel, like it’s a viral video, or an SNL skit, with more cultural references — including an intregal celebrity cameo — than real laughs.
  • Motion Studies: Inertia (Jake Mahaffy) ~ A micro-short for the intellegencia. Part of a series, and probably needs a bit more context to be truly appreciated.

Sundance Shorts 2008: On the Edge

  •  Number One (Leighton Pierce) ~ This is video art, and not a narrative film, featuring water, rocks, naked flesh and more water. It’s like a watery voyage through the subconscious – a literal wet dream. After watching this, I realllly had to pee.
  • Oiran Lyrics (Ryosuke Ogawa) ~ Freaking brilliant. It’s the story of a young girl in a Japanese brothel crossed with a Michel Gondry-directed Bjork music video. Imaginately executed throughout, and you could probably even dance to it.
  • The Mark (Thomas Barndt) ~ Beeee-zarrrrrre little ditty about a human lightning rod embarking upon a small North Dakota town. Strange, short-attention span sci-fi.
  • my olympic summer (Daniel Robin) ~ Fascinating little tale of a family’s brush with history. It could have been great in another filmmaker’s hands, but there were some amateur choices here — namely, an obviously faked newscaster v/o which only told details of the story pertinent to the film.
  • Because Washington is Hollywood for Ugly People (Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung) ~ Ahhhhhh, no. Not good. When deciding to make a short animated film, its contents shouldn’t include Everything But The Kitchen Sink. And it’s completely incoherent. So, no. Sorry, but you’re 0 for 2, Kenneth.

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