My Sundance – Report 1


Since I can’t currently attend the Sundance Festival (which started today), I’ll try to utilize technology (through legal means) and experience it via the shorts available through Netflix Instant Viewing and the Sundance Festival site.

Sundance Shorts 2008: Drama

  • August 15th (Jiang Xuan) ~ Unexpected crime onboard a haunting, claustrophobic bus trip through China’s mountains. Worked all the way up until the ending.
  • Cherries (Tom Harper) ~ Slick but silly apocalyptic tale about UK schoolboys being drafted into military service. Features a standout performance from face-to-watch Omari Carter.
  • Crossbow (David Michôd) ~ Well-done psychological analysis of murder in Australia. Tense and creepy throughout. Features fellow Sundance short director Nash Edgerton in a small role.
  • Lloyd Neck (Benedict Campbell) ~ A story of young love told simply. Not much happens, but it’s quietly affecting.
Sundance Shorts 2008: Comedy

  • By Modern Measure (Matthew Lessner) ~ A Godard film about modern teens. Funny, but also a bit smug and overwritten.
  • Farewell Packets of Ten (Ken Wardrop) ~ Two Irish women share a laugh and a smoke. Nice, quick (3 min.), but nothing extraordinary.
  • I Love Sarah Jane (Spencer Susser) ~ Quite inventive and odd short about the seeds of romance stirring once the dead start to walk the earth.

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