Some friend I am

Right after heavily-awarded Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody accepts me as a MySpace friend, I turn against her.

Reason? She’s excited to announce Karyn Kusama as the director of her next script for a film called Jennifer’s Body.

Um, I’m sorry, my new friend, but have you seen the travesty that is Kusama’s Aeon Flux?

Now, granted, I have a feeling Kusama wasn’t alone in botching this flick. It’s obvious there was some major meddling going on with Aeon Flux. It’s completely a genre-breaking star vehicle for Charlize Theron, especially in the wake of her Oscar role in Monster, so the film goes overboard in an attempt to make her tough AND sexy. Surprisingly, in this movie, she comes off as neither, which in Ms. Theron’s case is quite a trick. So much effort (and certainly cash) was put into the visual effects, costuming, makeup and hair, but the action was beyond clumsy and the story is incomprehensible. The resulting film is a confusing mess.

Many people were involved in the sinking ship of Aeon Flux, but Kusama has to take ultimate responsibility. At the time, she was a young director, coming off of the minor success of her debut (2000’s Girlfight featuring Michelle Rodriguez). But she got completely run over in making her first major-studio film.

I know Diablo Cody is hoping for a return to form for Kusama, but I’ve got my doubts. Diablo’s one of the hottest commodities in Indie-wood, due to her colorful background and her snarky style, and is being recognized for a fresh script that doesn’t condescend to its audience. She’s obviously popular with the 18-34 set too, the biggest consumer base for movies. Christ, I’m her MySpace friend, one of thousands. Can’t you just see the execs at Fox licking their chops?

She cannot afford to be involved with Aeon Flux Part Deux. She doesn’t want to become that writer who once was somebody.

Also, they’ve cast Megan Fox (Transformers) for the lead of Jennifer’s Body. Maybe the damage is already done. Sure, she’s beautiful, but can she act? Like Ellen Page can?

Oh, I shouldn’t be talking this way about my friend. I’m really just concerned for her, you know? God, I’m such an asshole. And a terrible, terrible friend.


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  1. I have faith for Jennifer’s Body, and I am glad to have Diablo as my MySpace friend, she complimented me on my Juno and There Will Be Blood film reviews.

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