TAR 12 – Episode 8 – Oh! Calcutta (and Other Cities of India)!


The teams traveled to Mumbai, which made me say aloud to no-one in particular – “India: The Great Equalizer!” I said this partly because I’m crazy and think the TV can hear me, and also because India in past TAR seasons has been given, oh, let’s say… a bad image. Which is one way of saying if you judge the country by what you see on The Amazing Race, it looks like the most impoverished, foulest-smelling nation on earth. Season 4’s Tian, Jaree and Kelly even got molested on the trains there. Even without being groped, teams suffer incredible culture shock when faced with abject poverty and its sights and smells.

So I was glad that India got a fair shake this time around, and viewers truly got to appreciate the beauty that exists in corners all over the globe. I’m not saying that viewers and teams should be given the tourist treatment by ignoring dire living situations; rather, I’m glad that India was allowed to be beautiful too.

A friend of mine traveled to India and Nepal a few years back to sightsee and mountain climb in the Himalayas — she rode the train to Darjeeling years before Owen Wilson and Adrian Brody did — and wrote friends these wonderful stream-of-consciousness e-mails of how peaceful and amazing her surroundings were. She experienced some of the same culture shock, most notably aboard a local bus where everyone’s passports were taken from them in the middle of the trip, but overall I came to realize that she was able to experience the dual nature of the region. Which to this point, viewers of TAR hadn’t.

So, I guess, hurray for India! You go!?

Okay, on to the details of the latest episode (SPOILERS!) after the jump.

Order of finish:

Rachel & TK – Nice rebound from the awful luck of the last leg to striding in first here. America’s Sweethearts have really run the gamut of emotions, and would be deserving winners.

Nicolas & Donald – Go Team Fulks! Don’s had life experience up the yin-yang, including working in the printing industry which may have given the team a leg up with the poster task. And Nick bucked his trend of getting hopelessly lost on the propane Roadblock. This sleeper team still has legs, as long as they function this well. To paraphrase Season 3’s Ian: Hump it, Don, hump it!

Ronald & Christina – 1/2 of this team needs to go home, put its feet up and start undergoing treatment for its hernia. The second 1/2 needs to win half a million dollars just to prove itself to the first 1/2. All in all, I’m 1/2-hoping to be done with this team.

Jennifer & Nathan – My worries that Bruckenheimer & Co were softening this twosome’s image to be more likable were happily misguided. They STILL suck ass as racers and as a couple. Do everyone a favor and put each other out of our collective miseries. I’m getting to the point that I hope they make the final three just to see the dejection after they lose the million to whomever wins. You hear that, other racers? I’m counting on you. (You watch, the TV will someday talk back to me.)

Kynt & Vyxsin – The Pink grew on me. But it was time to say goodbye, when Kent botched both the Yield and the propane delivery. Although in parting, we were treated to the lovely Vixen doing yoga. Wowsers. For all the gushing I did over Maria & Julianna earlier, Vixen’s proved to be the stunner of this season, even though my radar may be thrown off by the heavy makeup, tight black clothes, etc. By “stunner” I also mean, that she never had to compromise her attitude because of her looks. Actually, neither of them did. And she and Kent made up the Little Team That Could, especially when I assumed they’d fold early. Maybe I’m alone, but I totally fell for them. Congrats, Pinkies, for surprising me. You’ll be missed. And the music swells….

Predicted order of Philimination:

1. Nicolas & Donald
2. Kynt & Vyxsin
3. Ronald & Christina
4. Shana & Jennifer
5. Kate & Pat
6. Azaria & Hendekea
Ari & Staella
Marianna & Julia
9. Rachel & TK
10. Lorena & Jason
11. Jennifer & Nathan

Actual order of Philimination:

1. Ari & Staella
2. Kate & Pat
3. Marianna & Julia
4. Lorena & Jason
5. Shana & Jennifer
6. Azaria & Hendekea
7. Kynt & Vyxsin



Just look at that predicted list. I was either way off or right on. So I’m right about 50% of the time. Christ, I could’ve just saved time and flipped a coin.

Next week – Boiling it down to a final 3 perhaps? Apparently, there’s still another non-elimination leg to come, and there’s still questions to be answered. Will Christina resort to bitchslapping her father in order to gain respect? Will Don continue to defy his age and inspire millions of elderies to throw down their walkers and kick their heels in geriatric joy? If Nate and Jenn got crushed by a tree in the forest, would anyone hear it above my standing ovation? Tune in!

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  1. I’m most intrigued by the “Where’s TK & Rachel” portion of the previews. Probably off smoking weed somewhere! I suppose we’ll find they’re either really far behind, or really far ahead. I’m not really a fan of them, and can’t understand how they keep doing so well. I’m pretty sure they couldn’t navigate their way out of my apartment if I left the front door open for them.

    I still have great love for Don & Nick, and no team I’ve ever loved this much has made it to the final four. Please please please let them make it to the end. Even if they don’t win the million, I just want to see them cross the finish line.

    There have been a ton of bike tasks this season! I’m missing the animals that were so prevalent in the first few episodes, though. Bring back the donkeys! GOSH!

  2. Nate is an absolute tool = GOSH!

    Yeah, where’s the Roadblock with the wild turkeys? Or the yaks?

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