The Gold Rush (1942 re-release)



(1942, Charles Chaplin)


After watching this, all the while finding it odd to hear Chaplin narrating over a silent film, I find out that this is a talkie re-release of the 1925 silent. I checked IMDB and other sources to find out that this version is much reviled and considerably different than the original. Some differences include a new score, and a completely different ending. I guess this was Chaplin’s response to the sound era, but he got a little edit-happy. I think they refer to that in the industry as “pulling a George Lucas”.

Sadly, I think this means that I still need to watch the 1925 version to cross this off of my Top 1000 films assignment. I still think it’s a fantastic film that features three classic Chaplin scenes. And it’ll give me the chance to compare the two versions, whether I really wanted to or not. Dang it TCM, you’re usually pretty good about telling us about these things, but this time you dropped the ball.

So, SIGH, the ’25 version is queued up at Netflix.


UPDATE [1/3/08, 3:35 pm]: Just noticed that the TSPDT Top 1000 list has been updated as of December 2007. So, I did some work to update my page which should be accurate. If anyone spots a goof, let me know.


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