Remembering 2007 in list form

Thankfully, I don’t have to do the list of lists, because Rex at Fimoculous already has.

Lists of particular importance to me:

  1. Asshole of the Year 2007: I’m guessing George Bush edges out Michael Vick in a gripping finale.
  2. Time’s and LA Times’ Top Children’s Books: Mo Willems, kids author extraordinaire, gets a mention in each. My son will tell you, he and his pigeon rock.
  3. All the film and DVD lists, especially the Independent Spirit Awards. The smart money should be on this year’s indie darling Diablo Cody to take the best first screenplay award.
  4. Music: My Old Kentucky Blog’s Favorite 50 Albums and Gorilla vs. Bear’s Favorite Songs. What can I say? They’ve got great taste, even if they’re complete pimps for Panda Bear. There are lots of worthy blogs/sites/publications joining in too, and they’re worth perusing.
  5. The 100 Unsexiest Men. Whew, here’s to another year under the radar. Props for the inclusion of Ann Coulter.
  6. Time’s Top 10 Awkward Moments. Cause I really need to see Miss South Carolina’s buffoonery again. (Actually, Miss SC is on about 100 of these lists, so in case you’ve been living in a cave, you can finally catch it.)

These lists get updated well into 2008 too, so check back often.


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