Only in 3’s

The title of this post is also the title of a tolerable old Breeders track. Man, I love me some Pod. Especially “Hellbound”, which should get added to this list.

So, a former co-worker of mine, who shall remain nameless, was a disgusting numbskull. Hence the namelessness.

He used to do and say very stupid things, generally be lazy, fat and gross, and would just generally drive everyone around him completely freaking bonkers.
One time he cornered me and told me that he had come up with this theory that famous people tended to die in threes. I told him that it was amazing that he had come up with this theory on his own, considering how common that myth is.

Regardless, whenever two celebrities die, I’m always thinking of “his” silly urban legend.

So when I read that Sean Taylor has died, and Steve Fossett is being declared dead in court, I wonder who’s the final shoe to fall. Hmmmm, not that I’d want to wish ill will toward anyone in particular….

 UPDATE (11/27, 7:03 pm): Just found out that we have a third. The Riot has been Quieted.


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