+1 Lists – Episodes 13-17

Continuing on with adding one movie to the top 5 lists of the Filmspotting podcasters. It’s a quickie post, so bear with me. This NaBloPoMo thing that I thought I’d have all sorts of time for is constantly the last thing I think about during the day. Having a full-time job and a family does that to you. Again – excuses, excuses.

Cinecast #13: Directorial Debuts

Adam Sam
1. Reservoir Dogs Bottle Rocket
2. Drugstore Cowboy Reservoir Dogs
3. Hard Eight Big Night
4. Blood Simple sex, lies and videotape
5. House of Games Being John Malkovich

Me: In the Bedroom, Todd Field.

Cinecast #14: Nostalgia Movies

Adam Sam
1. The World According to Garp Batman
2. The Breakfast Club The Secret of NIMH
3. The Right Stuff Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
4. The Buddy Holly Story The Point
5. The Outsiders A Boy and His Dog

Me: Boy, if I hadn’t already sworn not to repeat myself, I could totally use Bad News Bears here. Instead, I’ll waste a pick on Raiders of the Lost Ark, perhaps the best thing Spielberg has ever done.

Cinecast #15: Crime Movies

Adam Sam
1. Chinatown* Miller’s Crossing
2. Heat Out of Sight/Ocean’s Eleven
3. Double Indemnity Thief
4. Seven Get Carter (1971)
5. Dog Day Afternoon Reservoir Dogs

*This list predates the existence of the Pantheon.

Me: Rififi. Of course, it’s French and snooty. But it’s a great heist flick too, famous for its silent robbery scene.

Cinecast #16: Inspirational Movies (combined Top 5)

1. It’s A Wonderful Life
2. The Shawshank Redemption
3. In America
4. The Karate Kid
5. To Kill A Mockingbird

Me: Murderball. It’s Rocky with wheelchairs. That’s my expression. Remember where you read it, please. Even though I’m pretty certain I cribbed it from somewhere else.

Cinecast #17: Movies with a ‘Heart of Gold’

Adam Sam
1. My Own Private Idaho Klute
2. Nights of Cabiria Monster
3. Risky Business Midnight Cowboy
4. Taxi Driver Taxi Driver
5. Belle de Jour True Romance

Me: Pretty Woman. Ha, ha, no, really…I’ll pick Leaving Las Vegas, because Adam and Sam took all the good ones that I’ve seen,


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