Drew Peterson on the Today Show

Figured I’d comment about some local news, which is continually becoming a national story. I saw the exclusive interview of dismissed Bolingbrook Sgt. Drew Peterson conducted by Matt Lauer this morning (and you can too). I’ll give you the highlights below, however.

The impetus for the interview seemed to coincide with the ever-tightening noose around Peterson’s neck in the case of his missing wife. It doesn’t look good for him.

  • His current wife, Stacy, is his fourth. Peterson, now 53, started dating her when she was 17 and impregnated her at 19 while still married to his third wife, Kathleen Savio.
  • Savio died tragically before finalizing a divorce from Peterson. Savio suffered a head wound in what was ruled an accidental drowning, even though there was no water in the bathtub where she was found. The case has since been reopened, and Savio’s body has recently been exhumed for examination, because there is reason to believe that the crime scene is consistent with one that has been staged.
  • Peterson’s a dismissed cop, who says he’s not afraid of law enforcement, but he is afraid of media coverage. He has not been charged in either case so far.
  • Peterson is being told that legal counsel could cost him over a quarter of a million dollars to handle just one of these cases, which it appears he is unable to afford. He made an on-air plea for the “attorneys of America” to contact him regarding legal aid.
  • In his defense, Peterson claimed that an e-mail allegedly sent by Stacy to a friend describing the relationship as “somewhat abusive” was forged, because the language of the e-mail wasn’t consistent with Stacy’s vocabulary.
  • Peterson doesn’t believe that his wife is missing, which is why he hasn’t begun searching for her; rather, she has run off with another, leaving her children behind.
  • To the claims of Stacy asking for a divorce, he claims that she regularly asked for a divorce since the death of her sister to cancer. Peterson also claimed that both Stacy and Savio were mentally unstable.
  • To this point, he has remained silent while the media camped out on his front yard and attacked his character. He admits that this behavior has made him appear “as guilty as they come”. He understands that they’re investigating him because as he says, “The husband always is [a suspect].”

These statements and facts can’t possibly help Peterson’s cause, can they? Chicago media has literally jumped right on this guy from Day One, and whether he’s guilty or innocent, there is definitely room for suspicion which they’ve exposed to the hilt. And if Stacy’s alive, where is she? And why hasn’t she responded to any of the media coverage?

I’m attempting to reserve judgment, given just basic biases I already have. Lauer kept pressuring Peterson who is obviously desperate to win back the court of public opinion to even consider agreeing to a live interview. He was calm but resigned to stating basic facts and admitting that he couldn’t say anything in his defense. He’s certainly not media-savvy, that’s for sure, and I believe this was a major mistake by whoever is advising him.

That said, there’s certainly more in this case to be revealed. And as Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn points out, you don’t need to find a body to find someone guilty.

Results of the Savio autopsy are expected in the next several days.


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