Darlin’, doncha go and cut your hair


Damn you, NaBloPoMo.

I feel guilty throwing this crap up on my blog, but alas, it’s another day in November and another post must appear.

How do I not feel guilty when I’m discussing Javier Bardem’s haircut in No Country for Old Men?

Alison Willmore of the IFC Blog compiled a handy chart of critics’ pop references to this crazy-ass coif. It breaks down thusly:

  • 26.3% evoked the name Prince Valiant
  • 21.0% referred to the Beatles or the Monkees
  • 10.5% called the hairstyle a Dutch boy
  • 10.5% made a comparison to Buster Brown
  • 10.5% called the hairstyle a Pageboy
  • There were single references to Cousin It, Richard III and Lon Chaney in London After Midnight

Not that anyone’s asking, but if you were, I’d have called it a Pageboy too. Maybe it’s because I skipped right the hell over the Prince Valiant strips in my Sunday funnies. You might remember, there used to be a comic called Bloom County that was the bee’s knees located right after those knighty dudes with the funky do’s.

BTW, Bill the Cat & Opus ’08. Just sayin’.



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