Top 5 (+1)

I’ve reached a whole new level of geekdom.

Got the idea from the podcast I listen to frequently – Filmspotting, a smart and funny discussion about film, including a weekly rundown of upcoming movies with a focus on current and somewhat independent releases. Originally it was titled Cinecast, but the name had to be changed because of a copyright infringement.

For those unfamiliar with the show, every week the hosts, Adam Kempenaar and Matty “Ballgame” Robinson (the latter replaced former host Sam Van Hallgren), come up with their lists of the top 5 movies to fit a particular category, i.e. Best Movie Villain or Best Introduction of a Movie Character.

So, in an effort to stalk them and proclaim my undying devotion, as an exercise for NaBloPoMo, I decided to try to add some of the ones I believe they missed. You know, add my two cents to the conversation. Because I’m not presumptuous enough to create an entirely separate top 5 list (nor am I fond of ranking things in general) I decided to add just one more movie to Adam, Matty and Sam’s existing lists.

In doing so, I’ll have to stay away from the movies included on the Filmspotting Pantheon and Penalty Box lists. The movies in these lists are removed from all inclusion in top 5 discussions, simply because they would recur over and over and over again. The films are:

  • All the President’s Men
  • The Godfather
  • The Godfather, Part II
  • Citizen Kane
  • Star Wars
  • Chinatown
  • GoodFellas
  • Kill Bill
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  • Network

Also, I will avoid the Memorial List movies, which are lists named after a movie that is the obvious choice to portray the list theme.

I’ll be updating these (surprise) five at a time. Here’s Episodes 1-5:

Cinecast #1: Movies about Movies

Adam Sam
1. American Movie Adaptation
2. The Player Get Shorty
3. Day for Night Full Frontal
4. Living in Oblivion CQ
5. Hearts of Darkness The Aviator

Me: Gotta be Sunset Blvd., doncha think? Since I’m not going back to listen to all these podcasts I don’t know if they stated this as “The Sunset Blvd. Memorial List”.

Cinecast #2: Movies We Can’t Believe We’ve Never Seen

Adam Sam
1. Sunset Boulevard Wall Street
2. True Romance McCabe and Mrs. Miller
3. Last Temptation of Christ Bonnie and Clyde
4. Unforgiven The Hustler
5. Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns The King of Comedy

Me: There’s a few, but I’ll go with Wings of Desire. I’ve literally sat down on 3 separate occasions to watch this flick, and never made it past 10 minutes.

Cinecast #3: Sequels (combined Top 5)

Best Most Disappointing
1. The Godfather Part II* The Godfather Part III
2. Kill Bill Vol. 2* The Matrix Reloaded
3. Before Sunset Star Wars Episode 1:
The Phantom Menace
4. The Empire Strikes Back Be Cool (SH)/Austin Powers:
The Spy Who Shagged Me (AK)
5. The Bourne Supremacy Batman Returns (SH)/
Hannibal (AK)

*This list predates the existence of the Pantheon.

Me: Best, let’s say Evil Dead 2 – stylish and smart. Most disappointing: They took all the good ones. Even though it’s hardly fair, because it was made more than a decade after the original, I’ll say The Sting II. Mac Davis, anyone?

Cinecast #4: Woody Allen Films

Adam Sam
1. Annie Hall Hannah and Her Sisters
2. Crimes and Misdemeanors Husbands and Wives
3. Manhattan Annie Hall
4. Hannah and Her Sisters Manhattan
5. The Purple Rose of Cairo Manhattan Murder Mystery

Me: Love and Death.

Cinecast #5: ‘Visually Stunning’ Movies

Adam Sam
1. Wings of Desire The Matrix
2. Touch of Evil Being John Malkovich
3. Three Kings Waking Life
4. Buffalo 66 Requiem for a Dream
5. Eyes Wide Shut Out of Sight/
The Limey

Me: I’ll go with Robby Muller’s work on Wim Wenders’ Paris, Texas. It consistently blows me away.

More to come.


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