Raiders of the Chain Drugstore


The local morning news keep a-buzzing about the recent arrest of Shia LeBeouf for drunkenly carousing inside a 24-hour Walgreens. For one thing, it’s a pretty good mug shot – definitely full of star magnetism. Also, I take pride in the fact that I’ve bought many a bottled water in this particular Walgreens. Full disclosure, it’s located on a high-traffic street (Michigan Ave.) and I’m sure millions of tourists and locals have stopped in at least to use the ATM. Still, I shop where an up-and-coming movie star shops!

Got me to thinking that I’ve never actually seen LeBeouf in action, other than his appearance on HBO’s “Project Greenlight” when filming The Battle of Shaker Heights. I also can’t spell his name correctly without rechecking iMDB every 5 seconds. Just how many vowels does this kid need?

Regardless of my ignorance, he’s been pegged as the heir to the Indiana Jones fortune, and has starred in the recent blockbuster Transformers.
Makes me wonder if this minor run-in isn’t just marketing in order to toughen up Shia’s pretty-boy image. You know, something to give him a harder edge, as well as getting him to become a household name, and mentioned on ET, morning news and late-night monologues. It’s not exactly bad publicity to carouse drunkenly. After all, where would Paris Hilton be without a few DUIs?


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