TAR 12 – Reassessing my snap judgments


Hooray, the Amazing Race is back for its 12th season! Last week, I unfairly judged the contestants by looks and CBS bios alone. Now that the first episode has aired (ahem, Sundays @ 8:00 ET on CBS, give or take 30 minutes because of NFL spillover), it’s time to see how accurate I was.


Kynt & Vyxsin-1. I think I misjudged them, although they seem to be overtly aware of people’s overwhelming opinions of goth types and play riiiiiiight into them. So far they’re working together well. Just don’t care for it when the others refer to them as freaks, especially dysfunctional freaks like…..

Jennifer & Nathan +1. I knew I’d hate this team. Added bonus: Nathan cheated on her in the past and they’ve told the viewing public about it. Healthy, healthy relationship. They should continue the act for a while, as long as they’re aren’t any more donkeys to deal with. The way they treated the donkey during their roadblock – just imagine them with kids. Yick.

Ronald & Christina +1. Yep, they’re nice people. Although, the cracks in the relationship are starting to show in the previews for next week, where Christina is accusing her dad of being demanding of her. Hmmm, early departure still slated for them in my mind.

Shana & Jennifer+1. Yup, the blondes suck. And together they act as a warning for aspiring actresses or models: have something to fall back on when your looks fade. Luckily Shana gave up something she used to fall back on – Seacrest out!

Azaria & Hendekea Incomplete. – Maybe they’re not boring, especially when you get the creepy vibe that brothers and sisters who are “too close” sometimes emit. I’m reserving judgment until later.

Lorena & JasonIncomplete. She freaks out easily. He’s passive-aggressive. Yet, it might have just been first-episode jitters. Also, I predicted he’d be a bigger jerk than she, which currently just isn’t true. Waiting this one out.

Nicolas & Donald -1. I still don’t think they have anything in common, but they may have more on the ball then I had originally thought. Nicolas is more mature than I had imagined, and Donald, though older and perhaps hobbled by an ankle injury, might leg it out for a few more episodes.

Ari & Staella +1. Noise annoys. I am glad that their donkey was broken, because I couldn’t stand to watch them in another leg.

Marianna & JuliaIncomplete. OK, to be fair, I assessed them somewhat properly; they are stunning to look at. On the other hand, they might be just bitchy, clueless and boring too. Much to my chagrin, they didn’t get a lot of air time. Maybe we’ll know more next week.

Rachel & TK +1. Feeling pretty good about my radar here. Granola love abounds.

Kate & Pat +1. As far as I can tell, I’m accurate in the 90th percentile on them, except that they might not prove to be as squeaky-clean as I’d first imagined. Still, when they’re eliminated, pay attention for the swirling music and tears from every remaining contestant.

Predicted order of Philimination:

1. Nicolas & Donald Ari & Staella
2. Kynt & Vyxsin
3. Ronald & Christina
4. Shana & Jennifer
5. Kate & Pat
6. Azaria & Hendekea
Ari & Staella
Marianna & Julia
9. Rachel & TK
10. Lorena & Jason
11. Jennifer & Nathan

To be continued…


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  1. I was on vacation and just caught up with this episode on the Tivo. Ari: “Karma’s a bitch, but I’m a bigger bitch.” Karma: “Not so fast there, son.”

    I have to say, I don’t think I’ve seen anything as awesome on TAR as that donkey standing in the middle of the road and hollering his head off. Maybe Colin’s broken ox, but that’s the only thing. Oh, and Freddie eating his own vomit.

    I’m terrible at calling winners. I hope the blonde girls go next, though.

  2. Don’t forget it was also a donkey responsible for the Heather-Eve faceplant, which I’ve rewound and watched several times over.

    Donkeys (and oxen) appear to be the great equalizers, bringing jerks to their knees (and faces).

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